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About The Artist - Christopher Beikmann


Artist Christopher Beikmann, 2019

Christopher Beikmann is a professional digital and mixed media artist based in Tijeras, New Mexico.  Beikmann’s works are often focused on spirituality, mythology and nature. His art and accessory designs have been collected internationally and featured in Vogue magazine (UK), House of Coco (UK), MGM Las Vegas (USA), Gallerie Sakura (Paris, FR), KDVR Denver (USA), ABC's TV Show "Blackish" (USA) and by spiritual organizations including: The National Buddhist Library of Singapore, The Interfaith Foundation and Alternatives St. James Church (UK) and the International School for Esoteric Studies (USA). His art and accessories have also been licensed for use in television, restaurants and on merchandise in the US. Beikmann divides his time between creating original artwork and managing his art accessory lines and and doing custom interior design work

Beikmann's work is truly an east meets west global fusion of imagery. His digital artworks are unique in that he has traveled the world photographing flora, fauna, religious idols, textures, patterns, architecture and landscape to create may of his original photo collage works. Each collage is digitally created from layering and painting photography with hand illustration. He also creates one of a kind mixed media works combining digital work with hand painted, acrylics, oil, embroidery, beads, wood, steel, crushed glass, wire and even animal skulls to make unique and highly detailed sculptural art.

"I consider myself a very spiritual person, but not bound to any one specific belief system. I am inspired by convergence of cultural imagery, spirituality and ideas that have occurred as a result of the progressive globalization we see today. I find a consistent duality in my work integrating life and death, past and present, natural and industrial, digital and physical."