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New Mexico Artist and Da Vinci Case Founder Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show "Black-ish" in Season 2

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I've been a fan of this clever comedy since it debuted in 2014. Imagine my excitement when the props department for "Black-ish" ordered two of my artisan iPhone 6 6s cases for potential use on the show this past summer. 

I was excited and hoped that one of the cases would be chosen for use with the teenage daughter "Zoey" played by the talented actress Yara Shahidi. I've worked with different production companies on artwork for TV pilots before, but you never know if it will actually get seen until the show airs.

Blackish Season 2 premiered on September 23rd, 2015. My wish came true and my iPhone 6 Tough case with design "Cotton Candy Mehndi" was filmed in the hands of "Zoey".  The case has appeared regularly in many episodes since.

Thank you ABC & The Blackish Props Department. You made this independent artist and accessory designer VERY HAPPY!

"Do Presbyterians not believe in cell phone service" ~Zoey

"Ladys and Gentlemen of the Coffee House - BOO THIS MAN!" ~ Andre Jr.

"Me and Junior have been following you around making money off of you" ~ Jack

Da Vinci Case was one of Zoey's cool trends they targeted for their investment scheme. 

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